Leapers and Gliders are Live!

Today we added a new feature to EverQuest II...Leaper and Glider mounts!

We're sure everyone has some questions about the different types of mounts, so we hope this information will help clear things up.

You'll probably notice that ground mounts have had their speed increased. Most ground mounts were at 65% or so before this update. They'll now be at 130-135%, and can get up in the 150%-range with AAs and buffs.

  • You can use any type of mount as an alternate appearance to a ground mount.  Leapers can only have other Leapers as an alternate appearance; Gliders only other Gliders, Fliers only other Fliers.  (For exampe, you can use a Glider as a ground mount appearance or as the appearance for another Glider, but you cannot use a Glider mount as an appearance if you are using a Leaper or a Flier.)

Leapers, Gliders, and Fliers don't move nearly as fast on the ground as ground mounts. But they also leap, glide, and fly at much faster speeds.

  • Leapers have a very tall leap, and can bound across terrain at amazing rates.
  • Gliders don't leap up as far, but once they catch air, they can cruise a long way before stopping. Launching from a high point can let you sail all the way across a zone before you hit the ground.
  • Fliers, of course, have the most maneuverability, and can hover, can climb straight up, and stay out of harm's way.

In a straight race across the Commonlands, the Leapers and Gliders often win. However, those movement methods are very active. (You can't point in a direction and hit autorun.) So we feel that allowing them to be faster is good balance.

We think all of the mounts are fun now, for different reasons, and all of them have places where they are a better choice than the others.

Just as a reminder, the level restrictions on mounts are as follows:

  • Ground: Level 1+
  • Leapers: Level 30+
  • Gliders: Level 60+
  • Fliers: Level 85+

Where to Find Leapers and Gliders

Leapers and Gliders are available through adventure quests, tradeskill quests, and the Marketplace.


  • Adventurers level 30: speak to Saldas in Butcherblock Mountains
  • Tradeskillers level 30: speak to Ellerith in Butcherblock Mountains
  • Adventurers level 60: speak to Ferwah in Tenebrous Tangle
  • Tradeskillers level 60: speak to Darga in Tenebrous Tangle    

Horned Mountain Saliraptor – Tradeskill Leaper


Bridled Wind Komodo – Tradeskill Glider


Mountain Saliraptor - Adventure Leaper


Wind Komodo - Adventure Glider

To see the new Leapers available through the Marketplace, click here.

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