Available today, May 31, 2011, The Children of War is the 60th game update for EverQuest II. This update will automatically install the next time you run the Launcher before logging in. Several updates were made to the game; here's a quick look at some of the highlights!


Game Update 60: The Children of War

Explore the Crystal Caverns:

Ry’Gorr orcs within Eastern Wastes have unearthed a passage leading to the once lost Crystal Caverns. Unfortunately, the caverns have grown unstable and are at risk of fully collapsing at any moment! Adding to the peril, Queen Drachnia has found her way up to the upper tunnels and blames the coldain for the collapsing tunnels. Help the coldain rescue their brethren trapped within the caves before you become a permanent fixture among the growing crystals!

Delve into the Fortress of Drunder:

The Fortress of Drunder has emptied of Rallos Zek and his armies as they pass into the Plane of War to prepare for their eventual march on the Western Wastes. The Demi-Gods, Tallon and Vallon Zek, are subjugated within its towers, ignorant of Rallos’ grand scheme.

Only Sullon Zek, the Maiden of Rage, is aware of what is to transpire. Trapped within her own tower, she has taken great risks to seek out worthy and daring heroes and guide them into the walls of Drunder.  Now it is up to you to grapple the Minions of Zek and battle your way through events that will gain you amazing allies and set into motion a war that will end all wars!

  • Three new heroic dungeons:
    • Confront Warmaster Grolla Skullwielder in the Spire of Rage
    • Challenge Warmaster Korok Hai in the Strategist’s Stronghold
    • Battle Warmaster Deynka Packlasher in the Tower of Tactics
  • One new x2 raid - Citadel of V’uul
    • Defeat Queen Vorticia V’uul in the Citadel of V’uul
  • Three new x4 raids [all available in Normal and Challenge modes]:
    • Encounter Sullon Zek in Sullon’s Spire
    • Test your strength against Tallon Zek in Tallon’s Stronghold
    • Prove yourself against Vallon Zek in Vallon’s Tower


Test your PvP skill:

The new battleground match type “Vanquish” is now available!  The Coldain Dwarves and Kromzek Giants have come to a stalemate in their centuries long war. Join the battle to help determine their victor by overcoming the opposing forces and destroying your enemy’s source of power! Visit the new Champions’ Respite lobby (via portals near existing battlegrounds NPCs in major cities) to assemble cross-server battlegrounds groups and visit the battlegrounds merchants, who are ready to serve you.

  • Earn the new Velious Discord faction to purchase new PvP equipment and adornments
  • Enjoy PvP and Battlegrounds rule modifications for better balance and fun
  • Fame system improvements
  • New PvP armor and adornments


Additional content:

  • Visit Whipmaster Snargeant in the Fortress of Drunder to assist with new daily missions within Drunder
  • Speak to Provocateur Bas Darkfrost at Thurgadin Docks to earn Primal Velium Shards through a new solo quest
  • Two new heritage quests
  • Additional signature quest line
  • New tradeskill quests and recipes
  • New adornments interface
  • Ratonga players will find Qeynos has become more accepting of their presence
  • And coming soon: help build the wizard and druid transportation network in Velious

You can find the full details of this week's game update in the Game Update Notes forum on the Official EQII forums.

Log in today and experience the new content available in Game Update 60: The Children of War!