Status Report

To Kraytoc, Master of Rime -

It has come to my attention that the potential prison for Lord Yelinak has become compromised and Vuh’Duh has been slain by meddlesome adventurers. We believe they were hired by the coldain to destroy our prison and return the Ascent back into the realm of life. We have also learned that the powerful relic believed to be a shard of Veeshan’s claw has been returned to the place we originally found it. The reports that the shard had been stolen by the coldain must have been true. This has rendered the area unusable for our experiments to contain the powerful ice dragon.

We have setup a new housing for this experiment within your fortress to ensure it is not disturbed and we will be more able to keep a watchful eye. We have also procured a specimen to run the experiments on - a young ice dragon by the name of Eireen which was found wandering in the Wastes near the Sleeper’s Tomb ruins. Our plan is to break this dragon and see if the prison in the fortress can contain him. If the experiments work with him it would be safe to assume they should work on a much more powerful dragon as long as we adjust it accordingly.

I will report further should something change. At this time I will return to the mess hall and keep on guard for any agents of the coldain to attempt to break into the fortress. There I will remain until the time where you feel I can be of assistance elsewhere.

Duncan Bradagan
Rime Captain