The Retail Version of Destiny of Velious will be available through participating retailers on February 22, 2011. Check the Destiny of Velious - Get the Game page for more information!

Retail Version Items

The following items are included in the Retail Version of Destiny of Velious. There are no Pre-Order exclusives for our Retail Version and this is the only version available as a printed box copy, so no matter when you purchase this version, whether you reserve a copy today or purchase it after launch, these items will always be available to those with the Retail copy.


Nipik's Haven Portal Painting


Thurgadin Portal Painting


Ringwar Portal Painting


Wakening Lands Portal Painting


Standard of the Dain (Retail Exclusive)


The Retail Version includes the base game, all seven expansions, three adventure packs, a Standard of the Dain cloak, and four different Velious Portal Paintings. New accounts will also receive a free 30-day subscription. The Standard of the Dain cloak is only available through this version.

Items are awarded one per character. For information about ordering Destiny of Velious, please visit the Get the Game website. For more information about Destiny of Velious, please see Announcing EverQuest II - Destiny of Velious.

Keep watching for more official information about Destiny of Velious!