Attention Fan Faire attendees! Are you in the Destiny of Velious Beta test? Do you want to be?

So far, less than half of the Fan Faire 2010 attendees have been flagged because they either haven't filled out a Beta application, or because they haven't yet accepted the NDA. If you would like to participate in the EQII Destiny of Velious Beta, these are two things you need to do before we can flag you for access!

If you attended Fan Faire 2010, you will be admitted into the Beta program as a thank you for attending. However, you must still register and accept the NDA. Please make sure that you click this link and register with the same account that you used to register for Fan Faire.

If you know someone who attended Fan Faire and they haven't filled out the application or accepted the NDA, please let them know they need to do that very soon. We'll be flagging any new Fan Faire 2010 Beta registrants next week.

Closed Beta for Destiny of Velious is currently underway and you could be playing it! What are you waiting for?


Click the link above, sign in with your Station Account, complete the application process, and your application will go into the queue for approval. Please be sure to read and accept the NDA. All applicants must have accepted the NDA in order to be considered for participation. All applicants will receive an email to confirm that their application was received.

Players who are approved for Closed Beta will receive an email informing them of their acceptance, so please confirm that we have your correct email address during the registration process. Please note that the comment about receiving a verification link by email is incorrect; email verification is included in the registration process (just above the ToS and EULA acceptance) and a separate email will not be sent.

There will be no "Open" Beta for Destiny of Velious, so be sure to register now if you would like a chance to participate in the Closed Beta.

Please remember that registering for the Beta does not guarantee admittance. Approved registrants will be put into the pool from which we will randomly select participants.


To be eligible to participate in the Destiny of Velious Beta test, players must have an active EQII subscription in good standing and accept the Terms of Use, End User License Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement provided at the registration site.

In order to access the Beta server, an EQ2X subscription is required, and one will be applied to your account as needed if you are accepted into the Beta program. In order to allow both EQII and EQ2X players access to the Beta server and give us the most feedback possible, we've set the Beta server up in a way that can be accessed by players with both types of accounts. The Beta server will not display any EQ2X specific logos or advertisements and will appear like a standard subscription server while playing. The subscription added to your account is free and has no bearing on your existing EQII subscription.

About Destiny of Velious:

EverQuest II Destiny of Velious is the seventh expansion for the critically acclaimed EverQuest II franchise and follows the best-selling Sentinel's Fate expansion.

Once thought lost in the cataclysms of the past, the ultimate fate of Velious had long been a mystery to the scholars and explorers of Norrath. Recently, however, the mighty creature known as Lodizal appeared in the Sinking Sands, with offers to transport the adventurers of Norrath to the frozen continent, under the direction of the ocean god Prexus himself. Adventurers must travel to the rediscovered land, embarking on an epic adventure while exploring places and facing enemies spoken about in legend. Only the mightiest of adventurers will prevail in this hostile and perilous land, as they make their way to challenge what could be the greatest threat Norrath has ever known.