Following the events of Sentinel's Fate, the twin Swords of Destiny, Soulfire and the Qeynos Claymore, have been drained of their powers, setting the stage for the destruction of the EverQuest universe.  The prophecy known as Age's End begins to unfold in the legendary continent of Velious and it is here where the war for Norrath will arise. For there to be any chance to save Norrath, the Swords of Destiny must be restored.  Norrath’s guardians who undertake this burden will be tested by labyrinthine dungeons, the harsh Velious tundra and powerful creatures. To succeed would mean ultimate glory. To fail would mean annihilation.

The next addition to the monumental EverQuest II franchise, Destiny of Velious is scheduled for release on February 22, 2011.

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For information on ordering Destiny of Velious, please visit the Pre-Order website. For more information on Destiny of Velious, please see Announcing EverQuest II - Destiny of Velious.

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