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The Freeblood race is now available on the Marketplace in EverQuest II and EverQuest II Extended.

Watch the new Freeblood video above, or over on Facebook.

To purchase the Freeblood race, look within the Race Packs section of the Marketplace and purchase the Unlock: Freeblood item to gain the basic Freeblood race. Then create a new Freeblood character at the character select screen, or change an existing character into a Freeblood with a Race Change Potion. The Unlock: Freeblood item is available for 2000 Station Cash.

When you make a Freeblood character, you'll gain a whole host of new abilities, including Reveal Inner Self, which is the ability to reveal the inner demon within to your foes, and a racial passive ability that drains your enemy's health to repair your own damage while you're in combat. You also get a set of new unarmed combat animations to let you show your savage side during melee.

When you start your Freeblood character, you'll be able to personalize your standard appearance, as well as your Inner Self illusion. Do this after initial customization by going to any barber NPC in the game. Simply turn on your Inner Self illusion, then purchase a "Shave and a Cut" item from the barber and you'll be able to customize your alternate appearance.

Freeblood Accessories

Once you create a Freeblood character, you'll find additional items available for purchase within the Character Pack category in the Marketplace. These three unique items are available only for Freebloods, and can be purchased individually, or you can buy all three in the Freeblood Accessory Pack. These items include the Freeblood Contract for 1500 Station Cash, the Cloud of Bats ability for 2500 SC, and Ferocity of the Freeblood for 500 SC. The Freeblood Accessory Pack containing all three items is available for 3000 SC.

The Freeblood Contract grants the bearer ownership of an exclusive Freeblood Lair Estate. The Cloud of Bats ability shapechanges the vampire into a cloud of bats, which increases out of combat speed by 65% and reduces the falling speed of the caster. Characters who go on to unlock flying mounts in the Destiny of Velious expansion will also be able to use this ability to fly. Ferocity of the Freeblood adds special effects to your new unarmed combat animations (see the video for a demonstration).

Freeblood accessory items can only be seen on the Marketplace by a character who is currently a Freeblood vampire. These items are NO-TRADE. Accesory items are available per character.

Players who earn the Freeblood race through the Velious Winter Rewards promotion will receive the Unlock: Freeblood ability on their account in February.

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