The Challenge: Fa, la, la, la, la… la, la, la, la.

In celebration of this holiday season, take your favorite holiday song and change the words to better fit your favorite SOE Game. Members of the SOE Community Team will select the best one(s) and sing them during the holiday webcast on December 16th, 2010.

Sample Carol: EverQuest Online Adventures community member Lear, who plays Corsten on Castle Lightwolf server wrote this carol last year and it was sung during our 2009 Season’s Greetings Webcast.

    Dinging Bells (Jingle Bells)


    Sprinting through the snow, Halas one zone away,
    down to Grobb we go, slaying all the way!
    Bells are 'bout to ring, cause I'm about to ding,
    what fun it is to run so far while grinding mobs tonight!


    EverQuest, it's the best, other games will fail,
    do those quests to be the best is where this game prevails!
    EverQuest, it's the best - compared to games I've played,
    oh what fun is it to play and quest the day away!

    A day or two ago, I dinged so many times,
    a guildy thought that he was higher than a kite.
    The herbs and roots did help, and some PL's did too,
    but my secret from me to you, is that I used the boon!


    EverQuest, it's the best, play for hours at end,
    by the time, you are thru, you’ll have no real life friends!
    EverQuest, it's the best, fifteen bucks a month,
    spend your cash, level fast, then pay for your next month!

Rules: Before submitting an entry, please review the Official Forum Challenge Rules and the additional notes below:

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  • You are permitted to edited or submit updated versions of your entry throughout the submission period. The last entry submitted will be considered.
  • You are not permitted to use entries created in previous years.
  • You must be the creator of your entry.

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Duration: Submissions for this forum challenge will be accepted from Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 until Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 at 10:00 am PST. (PST is -8 hours GMT: 11:00 am MDT, 12:00 pm CDT, 1:00 pm EDT, 6:00 pm GMT, 7:00 pm CET)

Reward: All submissions will be reviewed by the SOE Community team. The first place winner will have their song sung by the Community Team on the holiday webcast. There are no additional rewards for this challenge.

Feedback: Feel free to offer your feedback on the submissions of others. We enjoy reading the comments on entries for these challenges just as much as the entries! Just remember to be constructive.

Happy Holidays!