The season of sharing is upon us! Whether it's for the holidays, for a birthday or anniversary, or a "Thank you for saving my hiney in last night's raid" acknowledgement, players in EQII and EQ2X can now purchase items from the Marketplace and gift them to their friends in-game.

Starting today, when you make any Marketplace purchase, you'll see a “Gift” button right next to the “Buy” button.

When you click the “Gift” button, an in-game mail window will pop up, allowing you to enter the recipient's name, add a note, and send your gift.


To send a gift to someone on your server, just put their name in the address space. To send a gift to someone on a different server, put the server name first, then a period, followed by the character name. Example: Antonia Bayle.CharacterName. You can also write a note to the recipient if you wish to customize the gift message.

When your friend receives their gift, it will arrive in their in-game mailbox. They’ll see a message across their screen telling them that you sent them a gift, and they can claim the gift from their mailbox at their convenience. They'll cheer and dance and you'll be the recipient of endless gratitude*.

(*Actual in-game experiences may vary, depending on the disposition of each individual recipient. Especially if they're Dark Elves.)

So shower your sweetheart with goodies, honor a special occasion with your guildies, stuff some in-game stockings...the possibilities are endless. Visit the Marketplace today and spread some joy with virtual gifts!