Arcanum Revealed (Game Update 58) will be released on Tuesday, October 12, for both EQII and EQ2X.

One of the many changes coming with this update is within The Vasty Deep, a group of dungeons that were introduced with Sentinel's Fate.

Players who venture into The Vasty Deep may now have to face even more villainous monsters than before. Each time a new instance is created in one of the three dungeons, there's a chance that the group entering the zone will trigger one of three additional creatures. These new creatures will give players the opportunity to earn new loot items, as well as an increased chance of gaining master spells.

In the Conservatory, adventurers may find themselves up against the Onayan Custodian, the elite of Delahnus' protectors. She is dedicated to keeping Delahnus safe, and has helped the other protectors master their power over magic.

A result of many failed experiments, the Globule of Corrupted Blood can be encountered in the Abandoned Labs. The globule is a combination of several discarded samples. Its corrosive touch allows it to break down almost any substance.

The Cana Soulmistress, found within the Vestigial Cella, possesses the power to enthrall her victims before draining their essence. She is both reviled and respected by the Queen, because of the cruel way she plays with her victims before giving them to Crystasha's offspring to feed upon.

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