Altaholics, rejoice! It's a glorious day in Norrath, and we have wonderful news to share: Players can now purchase additional character slots.

Additional Character Slots

SOE is excited to reveal a new item available to all EQII and EQ2X players this week: additional character slots!

If you've filled up the slots allotted with your account and you're just itching to try a new class or two, then we've got you covered. Maybe your heart belongs to just one class, but you want one of every race? That's 19 in all, and yep, you can buy that many slots! Perhaps you're going for one of every race and class combo? That makes 456 combinations, or 912 if you include both genders! We can help! Or are you going for a world record for the account with the most characters ever? Don't fret; we've got your slots!

Additional character slots are priced at 1000 Station Cash each, and there's no limit to the number of slots you can buy. Once purchased, the slots are permanently added to your account.

New game features always bring on a bevy of queries, so we've prepared the following section with more details that we hope will help answer your questions.

Additional Character Slot Details


For players who actively play on both EQII and EQ2X, please note that the purchase of an additional character slot only affects the game in which you bought it. Buying an extra slot from the EQII Marketplace will not add an additional slot to your EQ2X account, and vice versa. Character slots are not shared between the two services.

Current Station Access Subscribers:

If you currently have a Station Access account, your character slots will be unaffected. You can stay with Station Access, continuing the use of the five additional slots, as well as access to all of the SOE games included in the plan. If you choose to add on even more slots, just purchase them through the Marketplace. Character slots purchased are in addition to any slots you already have by being a Station Access subscriber, and will remain on your account even if you downgrade to a standard subscription at a later date.

Former Station Access Subscribers:

If you were formerly a Station Access subscriber but have since downgraded to a standard account, purchasing additional character slots will reopen your characters that have been hiding away. The character that was played last will be the one to appear in the new slot.

Additional Information:

Zam has posted a new guide to Character Slots, so if you are unsure about how many slots come with each account type, stop by and check out their helpful information.

About the Marketplace and Station Cash

To buy additional character slots using Station Cash, type /marketplace in game, or click on the EQII button and select Marketplace from the menu.

Need Station Cash? Look for a Free Realms Station Cash card at your local retailer (it works for all SOE games), or visit the Station Cash page for more information and FAQs.