Anello Esuli Haunted Hall

Are ye the type that shakes and shivers at the odd sounds comin' from beneath yer bed? Do ye see shifty wraiths and ghostly apparitions but nay one else does? And better yet, do ye enjoy it?

Then come ta Anello Esuli's Haunted Hall! The pirates have found their hall changed, becomin' more terrifyin', horrifyin' and down right terrible as o' late! Come brave the Labyrinth! Take a walk through the Swamp o' Doom! Perhaps end up in the torture room! Oops, watch out and donna trip o'er the gravestones! Take in the awful sights that greet yer frightened gaze. Wear a costume and blend in!

When: Rolepaly Event, October 2 at 8:00pm EST. The hall will be open all month for all to enjoy even if you aren't a roleplayer.

Where: Anello Esuli Guild hall South Queynos

Anyone is welcome to make a character on Lucan D'Lere and visit the Anello Esuli Haunted Hall!

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