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Before Fan Faire, SOE held a contest looking for bloggers to cover the event and put their own unique spin on the festivities.  We selected four talented winners!  They each won a Bloggie camera kit to use as they video taped the ins and outs (and some behind-the-scenes action) of Fan Faire. 

We’ve collected all their videos for your viewing pleasure!  If you missed out on Fan Faire (or just can’t remember some of what happened there!) watching the coverage our Backstage Bloggers grabbed will make you feel like you were right there with us.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and thank you to our winners for the awesome footage!

The Bloggers and Their Videos:


Cirem plays Star Wars Galaxies on the Starsider server and is in the guild DotA.

For all of you who missed Fan Faire, you are in luck. Our talented friend Cirem put together a series of videos with tons of information, interviews and footage of SOE Fan Faire 2010. It’s hard to imagine being there for everything that went on at Fan Faire, but Cirem seems to have managed it!


Shi'ann plays Star Wars Galaxies on the Flurry server with the guild Risk.

Shi’ann was all over the place, too.  These videos cover a wide range of topics from all across Fan Faire!  There’s an interview with Jason “Pex” Ryan, the Community Manager for Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures, coverage of the pool party, and a ton of other great coverage!


Jaye plays EverQuest II on the Guk server with the guild Revelry and Honor.  Jaye is a veteran podcaster and really gets to the heart of things.  She spends some time getting the perspective of players from several different SOE games and gets the skinny on costume making from a costume contest regular. 


Isror plays Star Wars Galaxies on the Starsider server with the guild SABRE.

Join Isror as he visits with players from several SOE games.  He also checks in on the ever-popular SWG Galactic Gathering, which is always an awesome time.  Isror gets to know a developer from the SOE Tuscon Studio, where games like Pox Nora are made.  

Last, but certainly not least – We leave you with the recap video from the Grand Banquet!  Fan Faire is an amazing adventure for all of us here at SOE, filled with fun, laughter, and most importantly friends, both old and new.  Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have attended Fan Faire over the years!  We look forward to seeing you again next year and hope to see many new faces, too.