A well worn traveler of the lands known as the Town Crier journeys lands near and far seeking out the latest in EverQuest II news and information. Join us once again as the Crier returns from her latest journeys, filled with news and information from all around those strange lands. One never knows what new secrets her stories will hold!


Fan Site Goodies!

Zam's got guides! Check out their newest guides, on Timorous Deep and Making Money in EverQuest II.

If you're looking for some insights on guild-keeping, Epic Slant has provided a piece on Gulid member retention.

Stop by EQ2Wire for all the news you may have missed over the week.

KITHICOR.ORG Salutes.. Fippy Darkpaw. The title really says it all.


Bloggers Anon!

Altaholics Anonymous pleas a case for noble Battlegrounds secessions in The BGs and Gandhi.

Ratwarlock has put together a snazzy video titled EverQuest II: A Journey in Pictures.

Read up on Minsey's impressions of a town called Gorowyn.


And that brings us to the end of another riveting Town Crier! If there's anything of entertaining or informational note that our intrepid traveler may have missed, or if you simply want to chime in with your two coppers, please drop in and join the discussion. We're always looking for more news to share!