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In past years, SOE has hosted FanFaire far from its home in sunny San Diego, California, carrying the fun and excitement to Las Vegas, Nevada. I have heard that the SOE crew hangs out with the many fortunate fans and players that sign up for the occasion and celebrate what is considered an unforgettable event. Extravagant costumes and pictures illuminate the walls and floors of such events. Illustrious gaming sessions occur at peak hours, while dancing, feasting, game panels and much, much more occurs over a period of three days and nights. Sounds like fun, eh?
But wait, what about those who cannot make it to this party? What about players who cannot attend Fan Faire because they live on the other side of the world? Well, that is a very good question, and I wish I had a great answer for all of you, but sadly, I don’t.  So I have embarked on a mission. A mission that will give you the exclusive details and hidden secrets of what goes on during FanFaire and behind the scenes. Yes, I will go undercover to show you what SOE does during its stay in Vegas. I will make you feel a part of the action during and after Fan Faire. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the postings on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll know what I am talking about. I will take this show to the road and around the globe if I have to! This is the first time I attend an event like this, so it will be fun mingling with the unknown crowd.  

Pssst… psst… you! Yeah you, come here… so I got a hold of the exclusive list of names. Yeah, the big names that will be at Fan Faire, or should I say le crème de la crème. Oh you want to see the list too, eh? Well, I guess I can show you the list, as long as you don’t go telling everybody, or else you’ll blow my cover. Here you go! Oh, wait, give me that back, that is my grocery list… here is the list. Do you recognize any names?

David “Covic“ Brown – EQII
Paul “Frizznik“ Carrico – EQII
Mike “Xelgad“ Ganz – EQII
David “Smokejumper“ Georgeson – EQII
David “Maevianiu“ Kish – EQII
Paul “Cronyn“ Molina – EQII
Greg “Rothgar“ Spence – EQII
Emily “Domino“ Taylor - EQII
Kyle “Kander“ Vallee – EQII
Rich “Waters“ Waters – EQII
Nathan "Kaitheel" McCall - EQII
Tom "Ttobey" Tobey - EQII

Alexis “Aphox“ Allen – SWG
Tony “Teesquared“ Tyson – SWG
Jeffrey “Jaskell“ Haskell – SWG
Mikkel “Hjal“ Jensen – SWG

Tiffany “tbeans“ Chu – Free Realms
Floyd “floydbishop” Bishop – Free Realms
Chris “Grumblero“ Fritchoff – Free Realms
Eric Hankins – Free Realms
Mitch Evans – Free Realms
Ryan Wells – Free Realms
Nick “Glip the Gnome“ Parkinson – Free Realms

Adam “Ngreth“ Bell – EQ
Ed “Aristo“ Hardin – EQ
Doug “Elidroth“ Cronkhite – EQ
Alan “Absor“ VanCouvering – EQ
Norm “Normando“ Freeman – EQ
John “Raramor“ Boomershine – EQ
Thom “Phathom“ Terrazas – EQ
Harvey “Rahtiz“ Burgess – EQ
Steve “Sklug“ Klug – EQ
Jenn “Jchan“ Chan – EQ

Luke “Hawkfain“ Bultman – PoxNora
Blaine “CorpsE“ Smith – PoxNora

Branden “KaizerSozay“ Jordan – The Agency Covert Ops
Derek “Sokolov“ Chin – The Agency Covert Ops

Dan Kinney – Platform
Matt Meyer – Platform

Jennifer “Minerva“ Wilcox – Community
Benito “Shingo” Martinez – Community
Tony “RadarX“ Jones – Community
Lydia “Zatozia“ Pope – Community
Roger “Draakull “ Pilney – Community
Tiffany “Amnerys “ Spence – Community
Susan “Soffrina” Rummani - Community
Nedda “Shirra” Hosseinpour - Community
Aimee “Ashlanne” Rekoske – Community
Linda “Brasse” Carlson – Community
Aaron “Gnobrin” Bisnett – Community
Christie “Kiara” Renzetti – Community
Robyn “Naylie” Vallee – Community
Jason “Pex” Ryan – Community
Paul "Virrago" Williams - Community

Daniel “Walrus” Myers – The Agency
Rory “Hub” McGuire – The Agency

James Nance – Magic the Gathering Tactics

George Evan Lorentz – Legends of Norrath
Darrell David Hardy – Legends of Norrath
Charles Kallenbach – Legends of Norrath

Make your way over to the Fan Faire website and check out the list of the folks that are gamers just like you attending the event!  All you need to do it click on the Attendees link and sign in!

Want to be one of those attendees?  We still have Gold, Silver and Days passes available!

See you in August!

Benito "Shingo" Martinez