We have another player-run event to present to our community! Make some time to visit on Mistmoore for The Folk's Scavenger Hunt!

"The Folk" is Holding a server-wide Scavenger Hunt on The Mistmoore server with real life and in-game prizes:

On Tuesday June 15th at 8:00pm CST, we will begin the Scavenger Hunt in the Commonlands next to the Crossroads. All members of the server are welcome to participate and join in on the fun. The event will require a bit of running through a few different zones. Consider being at least level 20 to have a fair shot and have space for the items you will need to get obtain.

Prizes to include:

  • 1st Prize: 1 month of game play. (4 Winners)
  • 2nd Prize: 500 Station Cash. (10 winners)
  • 3rd Prize: 2 plat (10 Winners)

Runners up will recieve house items, food, and drink for participating.

The first 120 participants will recieve a player made book with the list of items to be found in and around Norrath. We will run the event for about an hour for all to hunt, return, and turn in their items (TBD).

We will use Chat channel /Folk to keep everyone up to date on the event and keep our spam out of the general chat.

All winners will be listed here after the event as well as announced in game after the event.

Hope to see you all there!!!

 *** One and only hint: It might be good to be Evil....