Kiara has been out and about making it quite clear that she was moving to New Halas as soon as she finished her trek through Greater Faydark (she's still traumatized, but will tell that story some other time). Well, the time has come! Kiara meets New Halas...

Kiara flung down the last of her bags with a thump. She was finally here! New Halas! Snow and ice prettily laid out all around her!

Now to find a suitable new home... and something hot to drink. It was a little chilly out with the plate mail and all.

The dark elf pulled her cloak a little tighter about her and stepped up the pace to find a new house.

She trudged up the hill, dodging some dodgy blue dwarves who were rolling rocks (Really? Hopefully there were other forms of entertainment to be had!) upon the heads of unsuspecting climbers.

Finally making her way to the housing area (it was getting colder with the biting wind sweeping through), Kiara toured a cozy home with built in fireplaces and a lovely view of the ocean.

Teeth chattering a bit, Kiara approached the blue-tinged Coldain woman to arrange her purchase.

"G-g-good afternoon! I'd l-l-like to buy th-that house over there p-p-please!"

"Sure thing, lass! Sign here, here, and initial here!"

"Th-th-thank you!"

"If you don't mind my saying, that's an awful problem you have there... Have you thought about seeing an alchemist for a cure?"

"Wh-what p-p-problem?"

"The chattering teeth, dear."

Kiara blinked at the short, blue woman.

"No, it isn't that... I'm just cold!"

"Oh! Goodness, pardon me. You're the same color as all the rest of us, so I just figured that you were just a taller than usual Coldain."

"N-not at all. I'm a dark elf."

"I see. So then you not normally blue?"

"Of c-course I am. We all are!"

"I don't understand then, you're normally blue, but your teeth are chattering with cold?"

"Yes, because it's f-f-freezing here."

"Huh. How odd..."

"Wait... why are YOU blue then, if it isn't the cold?"

"Well... *******!"

"I'm sorry, what was that?"


"Oh my. I think my ears just froze. Can I just have the keys, please? We can chat later!"

The realtor handed over they keys to Kiara's new home with an understanding nod and a pat on the shoulder.

The frosty dark elf dashed (at least as much as her numbed legs could manage) into her new house and threw herself down in front of the already lit fireplace. She'd unpack after she started to thaw.

I'll probably get warm faster if I get out of my armor, she thought. Beginning to wiggle and squirm out of the icy plate (which was made all the more difficult by numb fingers trying to undo buckles) Kiara began to notice a distinct... issue. Her fingers were sticking to the frozen metal.

“This cannot end well,” the dark elf sighed heavily as she stuck her tongue out a bit in effortwhile wrestling with a particularly difficult buckle. She finally got it loosened and slid off a greave.

But wait... Something was wrong.

Her tongue was stuck to the inside of her helmet. Muttering curses under her breath in every language she knew (she knew quite a few!), the words rendered almost unintelligible by her predicament, the beleaguered elf tried to get her tongue free with minimal damage. Minimal is relative, she decided in the end.

She'd just managed when there was a knock at the door.

Visitors already?

Kiara hobbled to the door, armor half on her and half on the floor, hair disheveled, looking nothing like her usual well-groomed self, and flung open the door.

"Brellth beard! Thank goodneth you're here!"

Who came to visit? Stay tuned to find out!