Congratulations on Reaching the Bronze ConnecDING! Goal!

You did it! Over 5,000 of you became fans of the EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Free Realms Official Facebook pages and you've earned the Bronze level reward for EVERYONE in each of your games!

All active EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Free Realms accounts in good standing will be awarded the Bronze level prize -- you'll see 250 Station Cash in your account soon! EverQuest and EverQuest II rewards will be processed today, January 15th, 2010! Due to the sheer volume of the Free Realms community it's going to take a bit longer to reward everyone, but you should find your stash of 250 Station Cash by the end of next week!

What about the Twitter portion of the contest?

After some careful consideration, we have decided to remove the Twitter aspect of the promotion. We definitely think Twitter is a powerful tool for our community. It allows us a quick way to spread news of server status, in-game issues, upcoming events, promotions, and more. However, we realize that not everyone is as excited about Twitter as we are, so we don't want to withhold the fabulous prizes we've created for you just because you don't have a Twitter account.

Those players who do follow us on Twitter will see more contests and promotions in the future, but for the remainder of the ConnecDING! promotion we'll be tallying just our Facebook fans.

What's Next?

The contest is still going through February 10th. We've got Silver and Gold level prizes in the lineup. Keep recruiting your friends and guildmates so we can give you more cool stuff!

Currently, EverQuest has over 5,600 fans, EverQuest II has over 9,000 fans, and Free Realms has over 5,300 fans. You just need to hit 10,000 fans to get the next prize!

Here's a look at your Silver level prizes:

EverQuest Tome of Friends: Summons a little black book familiar that follows its owner, PLUS 250 Station Cash!

EverQuest II Cloak of Pie: Summons a fresh, warm, delicious (and oh so aerodynamic) apple pie, PLUS 250 Station Cash!

Free Realms House Frog: A decorative critter for your house, PLUS 250 Station Cash!

SOE ConnecDING! Rewards*

Bronze: 5,000

Silver: 10,000

Gold: 15,000


 250 Station Cash

 250 Station Cash
 Tome of Friends

 500 Station Cash
 The Magic Lute

 EverQuest® II

 250 Station Cash

 250 Station Cash
 Cloak of Pie

 500 Station Cash
 Community Cushion

 Free Realms

 250 Station Cash

 250 Station Cash
 House Frog

 500 Station Cash
 Small Dance Floor


* Rewards have no cash value (see SOE’s Terms of Service”) and will be made available only to active game accounts in good standing at the time of delivery.