The Vestigial Cella is the third of the Vasty Deep dungeons. Here adventurers will see the culmination of this part of the overall story. The dungeon is designed for levels 90+ and is the most difficult in the series. There are also some screenshots below of the Vasty Deep Temple, where the Erudites once used the magic waters to experiment and to augment various ceremonies. From this tower, adventurers can collect quests and venture into the various dungeons.

From Mortalus: The Vestigial Cella is the third of the Vasty Deep zones that Leah "Mortalus" Swigart put together. This zone wraps up this portion of the overall Odus story.

What sort of feel were you trying to give players with this zone?

I wanted the Vestigial Cella to be a blend of the Conservatory and the Abandoned Labs. It’s not meant to be creepy like Abandoned Labs, though there are some parts where we aim to startle you.

What’s your favourite part of the Vestigial Cella?

The Widow Mother's Lair. The effects are very fun in this area of the dungeon, so long as you don’t have arachnophobia. :)

What do you think is the coolest part of this dungeon?

The Ca’Na. They are very pretty and very deadly, especially their Matriarch. The Vestigial Cella is one of the harder dungeons in Sentinel’s Fate; the fights with the Ca’Na are interesting and complex.

How does this zone progress the overall story of Odus and what happened to its inhabitants?

The Vestigial Cella is home to the Ca’Na, the moral enemies of the Onaya that the players met in the Conservatory. The ongoing conflict between the two nayad races will be played out in more detail in The Vestigial Cella. Players will also get to see the fate of the Erudites that served in the Cella, and if players have ventured into the Abandoned Labs they can surmise what sort of fate has befallen these Erudites.

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The Vasty Deep

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