The second of the two overland zones in Sentinel's Fate is the Stonebrunt Highlands. This zone will be ideal for adventurers from level 85-90. There will be much to explore in the Highlands and the quests will reveal long buried mysteries about the inhabitants.

Places of Note:

Moonfield Hamlet - This is the starting area in Stonebrunt Highlands. Visiting with the townfolk here will introduce newcomers to the area and give them hints about where to explore.

Quel'ule - Once the village of Quel'ule stood as a grand, yet divided, town. On one side of the great wall lived the Erudites of Erudin who paid worship to Quellious. On the other side, the heretics of Paineel had their temple to Cazic Thule. The village has long since fallen into disrepair and the once mighty temples show the neglect of subjects who have shunned their respective gods in favor of hard facts and intensive research. All that remains of the great wall that separated the opposing factions is the gate.

The Mausoleum of Scholars - Here, many of the finest minds of Erudin take their final rest. Many visitors to the mausoleum find themselves overcome with awe and humility when faced with the tombs of Erud, the first leader of the erudites and Al'Kabor, the greatest of Norrathian wizards.

Al'Kabor's Rest - Over the years, a small town has grown near the base of the Grand Plateau, centered around the final resting place of Al'Kabor. Pilgrims come from across Odus to pay homage to one of the greatest minds in the history of Norrath.

Erudin Gardens - These beautiful gardens once served as areas of contemplation, research, and the practice of magic. Though still magnificent and lovely, they are now fraught with danger.

From Zaphax:

Adam "Zaphax" Stevens put together this zone. I traded the last of my holiday fudge to get him to answer a few questions for us. Kudos to Zaphax and the wonderful artists from our art team who put Stonebrunt Highlands together!

What sort of feel were you trying to give players with this zone?

I hope players get a sense of the looming danger which threatens the Erudites who live in this part of Odus. Without giving away too much, there are forces that wish nothing more than to swallow up Erudin and the Stonebrunt Highlands. The Erudites here are looking for a way to stop this and desperately seek the help of the many adventurers who have just arrived.

What’s your favorite part of the Stonebrunt Highlands?

There are so many! It’s amazing to see how the artists took the Stonebrunt Mountains and twisted them into what they’ve become today. There are several awe-inspiring points of interests which slowly get revealed as adventurers make their way north towards Erudin. I encourage players to explore every bit of this region!

If players see NOTHING else in the zone, what one thing would you tell them to make sure they saw?

The gardens outside of Erudin are breathtaking. Adventurers should definitely make the journey to witness such beauty.

What’s the best part of the story in the Stonebrunt Highlands, from your point of view?        

The story being told in the Stonebrunt Highlands is slowly revealed as the player makes their way from one point of interest to the next. I would highly recommend that players speak with all the NPCs they encounter. Each will have their own story or perspective about the events which have irrevocably shaped their homeland.

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