Greetings Norrathians!

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, we're releasing EverQuest II The Complete Collection -- in stores today! If you have friends who have been thinking about trying EQII, this will be the perfect box for them to buy, or receive as a gift.

The Complete Collection includes all of the released content to date, which will allow new players to experience Norrath to the fullest before the release of our sixth expansion, Sentinel's Fate, in February. Please note that this box does not include Sentinel's Fate.

• Double the value: 60 Days of gameplay for new players.
• 500 Station Cash to use in the in-game Marketplace to purchase weapon and armor ornamentations, potions, pets, furniture and more.
• Adventure through 80 levels of amazing content in more than 350 expansive and dangerous environments both new and nostalgic.
• More than 8,000 quests that twist and turn you through the epic tales that envelop Norrath.
• Forge your character’s destiny by choosing from 19 unique player races and 24 distinct character classes.
• Customize your character with unique armor sets, epic weapon advancements, amazing mounts, and collect thousands of items for your home or guild hall.
• Embark on Heritage and Epic quests to earn fantastic rewards and status points.
• 200 Alternate Advancement points for you to amass in order to further enhance your character’s skills and abilities.
• Choose your play style with Player versus Environment and Player versus Player servers.


Includes: Desert of Flames™, Kingdom of Sky™, Echoes of Faydwer™, Rise of Kunark™ and The Shadow Odyssey™ expansion packs, The Bloodline Chronicles™, The Splitpaw Saga™ and The Fallen Dynasty™ adventure packs, and Elements of Corruption and Monument and Might game updates.