One of the best things about our game and our community is player-run events! Everything from the Festival of Unity on AB to guild run chess matches on Guk! It's always exciting when our community has events like these and even better when we can bring them to everyone!

Fallen Facade of the RPC on Lucan D'Lere will be hosting the following events!

Nights of the Dead Scavenger Hunt, Friday, October 23rd in Darklight Woods (9:30pm EDT/8:30pm CDT/7:30 pm MDT/6:30pm PDT)

Join us for a Nights of the Dead themed scavenger hunt and test your smarts to win prizes! Every participant will get a souvenir!

Nights of the Dead Haunted Maze and Scary Stories, Saturday, October 24th in The Fallen Facade Guild Hall, Gorowyn (7pm EDT/6pm CDT/5pm MDT/4pm PDT)

Come through our haunted maze, RP and join in scary storytelling once you've reached the goal!

Nights of the Dead Costume Party and Feast, Sunday, October 25th in Baerellyn's House, 5 Karana Court, SQ (8:30pm EDT/7:30 CDT/6:30 MDT/5:30pm PDT)

Come in costume, hang out, RP, stir up some fun. We'll have a costume contest and then we'll relax and be waited on during a wonderful feast!

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