Ah, Qeynos Harbor. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and... Oh wait. That's East Freeport. * flips through notes * Ah. Qeynos Harbor! The hub of Qeynosian life, complete with transportation to everywhere from the Sinking Sands to Nektulos forest! You can find just about anything you could ever want in Qeynos Harbor, except a muzzle for Nathan Ironforge, although I hear that the gnomes are working on that.

Qeynos Harbor has everything one living in Qeynos could possibly need! At the local Alchemist's, Echoes of Destiny, one used to be able to find upgrades to those newly acquired skills. However, they've recently changed their stock in trade and offer other useful items.
Guilds are an important part of Norrathian life for many! In The Coldwind Crier, you will find Qeynos' guild registrar, as well as a city quartermaster. This is the spot for Antonia's citizens to come practice their skills, performing guild writs.
For a nominal fee (and the presence of witnesses!) this gentleman will register your guild with the Queen, so that you and your friends can venture forth to make a name for yourselves. Don't worry, he doesn't bite.
Everyone says that Antonia is a paragon of virtue... However, she's got statues of herself up all over the place. It gets a little creepy, since they also have a bad habit of talking to you when you're skulking about and minding your own business. A dark elf can't even case the joint... Err, take some pretty pictures without feeling watched.
Keeping true to its nature, Qeynos Harbor is the travel hub of the city. From here you can reach nearly every part of the city, as well as points of interest in Norrath. The bells will take you to Nektulos Forest and Thundering Steppes. You can also hop the carpet and ride out to the Sinking Sands!
Qeynos Harbor is a little more relaxed than the rest of the city, as evidenced by the fact that there's a Fence in town. Once upon a time, this little lady was the only source for blackmarket goods. Since then, the other brokers have lightened up a bit, but it's still fun to visit now and then!

Located not too far from the fence is Fish's Alehouse and Inn. That's right, folks. The inn is located upstairs in the Alehouse! It isn't the most sedate place to live, but you'll be in on all the action.

Keep an eye out for Pepper the pig and Sergeant Quackers as well. They patrol the streets all day and night!

Deeper into Qeynos Harbor you'll find the gnomes have left their mark! The Clock of Ak'Anon merrily keeps time. It also lends itself as a place of interest if you're collecting discovery experience!
In the plaza with the clock, not only will you find the Arena (for those days you want to pit your strength against others) you will find the bank! This branch of the Qeynos exchange is the largest by far and many city dwellers trust their hard won funds to the folks who man it. It's no goblin run wizard bank, but it's as secure as you can get in Norrath!
Also located (conveniently) near the arena is the mender! It's fairly certain that this is the smithy where all of Qeynos' blacksmiths come to train. For those of you who dabble a bit in the metal working, there are spaces for you to smooth out a few pieces of dented armor too.

By far the most inviting of Qeynos' many districts, Qeynos Harbor has a little something for everyone. Unless of course you're a dark elf... For some reason the guards just don't believe that you're only looking around and throw you out. Of course, after encountering Nathan Ironforge... I wasn't exactly unwilling to depart.