Nettleville! Home of those feline paragons of furry yumminess, the kerrans. Oh, they let humans live there too. Isn't that awfully neighborly of them? It's assumed that the kerrans keep humans around as pets or servants the same way dark elves do. Kitties are smart like that!

Upon entering Nettleville with the ever convenient mariner's bells, you'll notice... rats. Lots of them. It's rather curious since the kerrans make Nettleville their home. Wouldn't you think that this would be one of the few places in all of Norrath with no rats?
Heading up the stairs, you'll encounter the human mentor. She will be happy to help any humans new to the area get settled. Just out of the tunnel, the kerran mentor waits to do the same.
All the way to the left you'll find one of the many twisty avenues in Nettleville. After getting lost a few times I still couldn't find a method to the madness. And people say that Longshadow Alley is confusing! Pictured here is The Nettleville Quill where one can satisfy all potionly and upgradey needs!
Right near The Nettleville Quill lies the door to South Qeynos. It is heavily guarded, likely to keep curious dark elves from poking about.
Straight down the lane outside the scribe and far away from snooty Qeynosian guards you can find The Elusive Commonwealth. A crafter's dream, it has everything you could possibly need to get your craft on, as well as its very own broker!
Just past The Elusive Commonwealth, you'll see a very attractive kerran male. He's busily mending something metal and politely offers help with whatever you need! Just inside is a nice, clean forge area.
While the mender may not be a dwarf or dark elf, as all proper menders are, he is quite good with repairs. He's even very nice when he thanks you for putting his children through college.
Down the stairs and to the left is the entrance to The Peat Bog for all of you adventurous types. Just don't forget, big rats and giant slugs.
Next we come to The Nettleville Market Row! There are some lovely people loitering about who clearly need a nice dark elf to put them to work and tell them what to do. There are also some vendors, such as this lovely tailor, eager to do business with you.
At the end of the row is the Qeynos Exchange. Just like their neighbors in Starcrest, the folk of Nettleville have their inn alongside the bank.
Around one corner of the bank/inn you can find the mailbox. Keep your eyes peeled, though, this mailbox likes to hide and practice its ninja skills!
Around the other corner is the ever present entry to The Down Below. It's truly an invaluable (if stinky!) tool for any dark elf who wants to poke around in Qeynos.