Are you looking for some delicious jumjum pie? Perhaps a potentially explosive clockwork mechawhosits? The Baubleshire is Qeynos' one stop shop for all things halfling and gnome related! Unfortunately for the poor dark elven immigrant, using the inhabitants of The Baubleshire as pie filling is frowned upon. Who knew?

When you use the bells to dock at The Baubleshire, you're met by representatives of the Lollipop Guild! Okay, not really. However, a halfling and a gnome are on hand to welcome their brothers and sisters to their new home and help them get settled in!
The ever practical, not to mention hospitable, halflings and gnomes who populate The Baubleshire have placed their inn and bank in the same building just out of the tunnel from the docks! They want you to feel welcome the moment you step into their home.
The inn and Baubleshire branch of the Qeynos Exchange look out onto the center of the city. The Spectacular Sprocket of Ak'Anon is a tribute to the gnomes' homeland. It also provides a nice discovery for your list of accomplishments.
Since everyone likes to keep in touch with their friends in other parts of Norrath, the mailbox is conveniently located just around the corner from the inn's door.
Just across the bridge from the Sprocket, is The Ringing Hammer. Here you can find weapons and armour, as well as spell and combat art upgrades. Don't worry, they have more selection for weapons than just forks and tinkering tools!
Just behind The Ringing Hammer is the entrance to The Down Below. If you have business with the seemier sorts of folk, this is one place to find them!
Up the hill a bit a stout deputy guards the entrance to The Forest Ruins. He makes sure you know that halflings are industrious folks and "suggests" that you make yourself useful! Once you've finished exploring your new home, this is the way to go to get a little more adventuring experience under your belt!
Around the other side of The Ringing Hammer another guard directs you to The Elddar Grove. Another village surrounding Qeynos, it is indeed lovely and a relaxing home away from home for the beauty-loving gnomes and halflings.
Along the side of the snug little valley, you'll see the hill where the mender (pictured above) and a few other useful merchants live. At the very top of the hill lies The Deductive Directory. Tradeskillers are welcome here, but watch out for the clockwork parts as I'm certain the gnomes make use of the workshop as well!
Following along, just over the bridge and past the waterfall (and coincidentally just across from the inn!) you'll find the Deepmug Tavern. Come here for a fine mug of jumjum juice and to relax with friends after a long day of adventuring or crafting.
Do make sure to keep an eye out for the town's mascot: JumJum. No, this little guy is not for eating!