A well worn traveler of the lands known as the Town Crier journeys lands near and far seeking out the latest in EverQuest II news and information. Join us once again as the Crier returns from her latest journeys, filled with news and information from all around those strange lands. One never knows what new secrets her stories will hold!

Fan Site Goodies!

Zam has posted their logs of the dev chat from last week! They also have a wiki page set up for Station Cash items and general information.

Niami has been busily crafting and cataloguing for Frostfell! See her Frostfell 2008 Crafted Items and the glacial furniture available from the Frostfell vendor!

Bloggers Anon!

Stargrace has been writing up a storm! She talks about her betrayal addiction, frozen goblins(??), fun with Frostfell, and much more! Check out all her latest entries.

Feldon, at EQ2Wire, gives us the current run down on current issues related to obtaining void shards.

Everyone is feeling the Frostfell spirit. Shattered gives us some Frostfell and instance fun.

Kilanna tells about how even the best laid plans often go awry at Dwarven Runes. Check out all of her entries!

For Your Listening Pleasure!

Dellmon and Jethal are at it again! Listen here or head on over to OGR for more information.

Random Tidbit!

If you are interested in being a spotlighted player in our EQ2players.com feature, please send Kiara a private message on the official forums!

And that brings us to the end of another riveting Town Crier! If there's anything of entertaining or informational note that our intrepid traveler may have missed, or if you simply want to chime in with your two coppers, please drop in and share on the EQII Official Forums! Gnomes make excellent ice bowling balls!