Fan Faire is a scant fifteen days away!

Pre-registration ends August 8, 2008, so there's still time!

If you're still not sure why you really need to go, check out all the fun and information from last year!

Zam's Coverage

Calthine's Blog - Part 1
Calthine's Blog - Part 2
Calthine's Blog - Part 3
Calthine's Blog - Part 4

Calthine's Photo Album

Into the Future Panel

John Smedley announces Legends of Norrath

Newb Anticipation

Rising into Kunark Panel

Coyote's Fan Faire Write Ups

Day One
Day Two
More Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
So Who Goes to a Fan Faire Anyway?

Warcry's SWG Write Up

EQ2Vault's Video of "THE WEDDING"

Check the official Fan Faire site for more information and to pre-register!

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