First Place: Torryn Woodsrunner

I walked these lands in the Age of Turmoil. Travelled planes of power... stood against the Gods themselves. And paid for my arrogance. Cursed by Quarm, I am cast out of my place, my time. Everything I knew has changed, and those I held dear...are gone.

But I am Tunare's Sworn. By her grace I recast myself, and re-learn that which was lost to me.

Faydark's Champions are not dead...for I still live.

Second Place: Linty Navul

My name is Stormcaller Linty Navul, Hunter of Orcs. I am a Fae, born and raised in Kelethin, where I now reside, and am married to Herry Navul. Ever since we lost our son Guuey to the orcs, I haved devoted my life to protecting other bold adventurers like my son once was. That is why I am a Fury, healer and druid of nature. It is through healing, teleporting, and, adventuring, that I remember my son, Guuey Navul.

Third Place: Kallous Steeltoe

Kallous Steeltoe is one of the few remaining original members of the epic guild Divine Honor.  He was given leadership by their beloved founder, Sable, for she was summoned by Tunare on a personal crusade in the goddess' name.  With his leadership, DH has been brought back from near death after Sable's departure to one of the top guilds in Norrath being the first true casual guild to reach lvl 80.  Kallous has also become a friend and made to alliances with other small guilds, aiding and tanking at times in such heroic tasks and the destruction of such fiends as Lord Vyemn, Tarinax, Mayong Mistmoore, among many others. 

His axe has served Qeynos more than even he can count (over 3 million in guild status donation) and continues to gladly be of service to Queen Antonia. Qeynos is a safe city now with the aid of the angriest hero of Norrath, Kallous Steeltoe.


Honorable Mentions:

Jimbolini: During a recent summer vacation, our hero dons his summer attire and visits the lovely hot spots of Norrath. Here is a recent photo snapped with a local, she said her name was Naggy. (She was cranky at first, but warmed to our heroes samples of jum jum juice.) 

Valenir: Valenir was born a High Elf in Kelethin and was blessed by Tunare as the heavenly bodies declared. His destiny was to be a Paladin of Tunare.

As he grew in stature, he also grew in wisdom and virtue, yet something strange stirred inside himself sometimes beckoning eerily. Valenir had known of this presence all his life and pondered on its origin. He also knew of its malevolence and so he kept it a secret.

This would prove to be a grave mistake, for in protected secrecy it was allowed to grow and soon Valenir would abruptly turn on those he loved. Filled with hatred, darker than any Dark Elf, he defiled the oath of Paladinhood to Tunare and betrayed the citizens of Kelethin.

From then on he would be a most devout follower of Innoruuk, hating all that moved and breathed, but most of all, he would hate himself with euphoric, boundless fervor.