Storm Break (GU #47), is looming on the horizon! The EQII Development team has been working the server hamsters within an inch of their little furry lives to bring us a nice beefy update.


EverQuest II In-Game Voice Chat

If you've ever wondered if that Ogre Wizard in your guild sounds more like a Halfling Fury it's now easier than ever to find out! All the functionality of third party voice chats, conveniently located in-game!

Just a few of the features:

  • Create your own password-protected custom channels
  • Automatic channels for Guilds, Raids and Groups
  • Group and Raid windows have speaking indicators
  • Leaders can invite any other players into Guild, Group and Raid channels
  • Moderator controls (kick, ban, mute, etc.)
  • Logitech G15 keyboard integration
  • Ability to individually mute and set volume per user that you can hear
  • Troubleshooting tools to get you chatting instantly!

Our development team has done a great job ironing out all the usual kinks associated with hopping into voice chat for the first time, you can read all about that within the Official EQII Forums here. Chat with your guild, your group, or friends across servers! Read here to see what folks on test have to say about this great new addition.


Level 1-59 Item Revamp

Items all across Norrath have gotten a little love from the development team! Old world items from levels 1-59 have been updated to bring them more in line with the rewards from the newer adventuring areas. Even better, you won't have to worry about getting anything new. Everything will be updated automagically as you wear it! Gnome mechanics across the world have snuck into your rooms while you were sleeping to update all kinds of items, from armour to heritage quest rewards, so be sure to check your inventory.


Find out what's eating you in the next update!

Stay tuned for Friday when we bring you part two of the Storm Break preview! Same Ratonga time, same Ratonga channel.