The EQII Living Legacy "Fight with Legends" recruitment campaign is a unique promotion rewarding current paying EverQuest II players with free gameplay rewards (to be added to the end of your then-current subscription) for each new player you bring into the game who becomes an active subscriber of EverQuest II. Take advantage of the opportunity to play with your friends and earn free game time for your friends' loyalty and your dedication.

The events continue with additional activities that you and your friends can participate in during this program. Play with your friends in–game, utilizing the Mentoring System with an added bonus experience boost to teach less experienced "legends" the ways of Norrath. You can spread the joy even further and join our Guides program to help others experience the excitement of EverQuest II. View the full event schedule to learn more about upcoming activities.

Recruitment Rewards:
Receive one (1) month of free EverQuest II gameplay time (to be added at the end of your then-current subscription) per new account invitee (up to a limit of twenty (20) friends) who converts to a paying subscriber within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of your friend's trial period.

-Start Earning Free Play!!-


Here's How Our Loyal Customers Can Participate:

  • Log in HERE using your Station account username and password
  • Use the form to generate e-mail invites to your friends
  • Each e-mail invitation will include instructions on how to download and activate the game
  • View the status and history of each invitation you have sent out in the admin-interface area


View the FAQ for more detailed information.


Terms & Conditions:
Invitations may be issued until Aug. 30, 2008. Inviter must be a current, active subscriber in good standing to EverQuest II. One (1) month of gameplay time (up to a maximum of twenty (20) months) will be added to the end of the inviter's then-current subscription within one (1) billing cycle of conversion of an invitee's EverQuest II trial account to a paid monthly subscription plan for the game. Gameplay time is non-transferable, has no cash value and is subject to the game's End User License Agreement and Station Terms of Service.