Earn Up To 20 Months of Free Game Play!

The Living Legacy "Fight with Legends" recruitment campaign scheduled to begin July 3rd is a unique promotion rewarding current EverQuest®II players with free game play rewards (to be added to the end of your current subscription) for each new player you bring into the game who becomes an active subscriber of EverQuest II. Take advantage of the opportunity to play with your friends and earn free time for your friends' loyalty and your dedication. Keep the Legacy alive by joining the Guides program or utilize the Mentoring System and teach new Legends the ways of Norrath.

Recruitment Rewards:
Receive one (1) month of free EverQuest II game play time (to be added at the end of your then-current subscription) per new account invitee (up to a limit of twenty (20) friends) who converts to a paying subscriber within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of your friend's trial period.