Residents of Antonia Bayle, it is time once again to celebrate the city of Qeynos and its allies with the annual player-run roleplaying event, the Festival of Unity!

Festival of Unity Flier


Here is a note from some of the festival organizers with more information:

Ah summer... A time for picnics, swimming, playing outdoors and festivals! Who can resist an evening out with others seeing the sights, eating the food and playing the games at a good old fashioned festival? We certainly can't!

So come on out and join us on AB at the Festival of Unity, running this year from August 11th through the 17th. Old favorites like the Joust, the Bardic and Iron Chef will be featured as well as new ones like Pie Throwing and a Fashion Show. This year we also upgraded Archery to Ranged! That's right, if you can shoot it, or throw it at a target, we want to see your skills!

Of course there are prizes to go with the games, and you supply the RP to make them more fun.

I mentioned food? And drink of course! Every night there is a Venue open at the fair, so when you need to sit and rest a while we have a spot for you to relax, have an ale and perhaps watch a show.

The Festival of Unity is held every year in Antonica and is run by RP players in the community with help from SOE in setting up the event sites and donating prizes. So the organizers want to make sure there is a huge thank you to all of them!

If you have more questions about the event, you can visit the Festival of Unity website.

Are you interested in running a player event on your server? Let us know about your plans! Contact Dexella and Amnerys on the EverQuest II forums