Time-Locked Expansion Server (TLE) – Fallen Gate


What is a Time Locked Expansion server?

A TLE server has a special ruleset which restricts content and allows players to revisit exciting adventures from previous eras of EverQuest II.  Every 12 weeks, content from the next expansion will unlock allowing progression through much of the original game content over time.


Who can play on a TLE server?

All Access Membership is required to create characters and play on the Fallen Gate server.  


How will content unlocking work?

Every approximately 12 weeks, a new expansion and it associated content will unlock on the server.  Adventure packs such as the Fallen Dynasty will release 6 weeks into the applicable expansion.


What Races/Classes will be available at launch?

All classes and races will be completely available so hop in as a Sarnak, Beastlord, or Channeler!  Some races and classes are sold individually and must be owned to utilize.


Will Guildhalls be available?

Guildhalls will be made available during a future expansion unlock.


What Starting Areas are Available?

Starting areas will be Outpost of the Overlord and Queen’s Colony on the original Isle of Refuge. Darklight Wood and Frostfang Sea are available via the travel bells. Timorous Deep and Greater Faydark will not be available until those expansions are released.


Can I transfer my character to Fallen Gate?

No transfers will be available at the launch of Fallen Gate.  Should this change we will let players know.


Can I use my /claim items?

Claim items will be restricted based on expansion and in some cases not ever made available to preserve the progression of the server.  


What will combat be like?

The difficulty of encounters has been tuned to account for combat mitigation so players should find them more challenging than on normal servers.  


What will be available for Tradeskills?

Tradeskilling should look similar to the original EverQuest II launch.  Apprentices will not be made available until a later date.


Can I use a Mercenary?

The Mercenary feature will not be made available until the Age of Discovery expansion.  


Can I participate in Player vs Player or other competitive content?

Battlegrounds and Proving Grounds will not be available on Fallen Gate.


What will be available for purchase in the Marketplace?

The Majority of the Marketplace will be available at launch, with the exception of a few items that will be locked behind future expansions. 


Will experience values be tuned for Fallen Gate?

Experience penalties have been returned to launch values.   


Will Spell Research be available on Fallen Gate?

With the launch of Fallen Gate, Spell Research will be made available on both Fallen Gate and Stormhold servers.


Will rewards and itemization reflect early EverQuest II?

While items drops are not the same as they were in the early days of EverQuest 2, both items and encounter power have been adjusted to a approximate the play experience of launch.  So while items have more stats, such as DPS, potency, or critical bonus, the encounters have been tuned to expect those stats, so the fight balance should be relatively the same.