By: Erin Oakley

New challenges await in the mysterious Vaults of El’Arad, the newest Fabled dungeon launching January 23rd, 2014!

Vaults of El'Arad 1

Although Erudites are known for their magical talents, not all would use their powers for good. Many years ago, a group of Erudites began to study necromancy in secret, led by the great mage El’Arad. He and his followers, the Quellithulians, were denounced by the other Erudites as heretics, and their activities would eventually lead to a bitter civil war.

Vaults of El'Arad 2

El’Arad specialized in teleportation, and he was responsible for the construction of the Ulterian Spires throughout Norrath. In his experiments, he discovered the Overrealm and made a deal with the dragons: in exchange for destroying the spires, he would become the ruler of Odus once the Awakened rose to power.

Vaults of El'Arad 3

Hungry for power, El’Arad agreed, with one more request: that the dragons build him a base of operations in the Overrealm. The Vaults were completed and populated with El’Arad’s most trusted followers, who continue to carry out his experiments.

Vaults of El'Arad 4

The Vaults are also home to Droag guards, set to keep watch over the Quellithulians. The two very different races exist together with an uneasy peace, but how long will it last?

Vaults of El'Arad 5

Return to the Fabled Vaults of El’Arad and face Korgo the Vaultkeeper for your chance at some epic new loot!