by: Erin Oakley

You may remember the shadowy floating isles of the Bonemire and the ancient halls of the Den of the Devourer which teem with Ravasects. These giant insects made their home in the Overrealm after the barrier between Norrath and the Plane of Air weakened.

Den of the Devourer 1

The Ravasect are intelligent, but their primary objectives are to feed and to reproduce. Anything that stands in their way will be destroyed.

Den of the Devourer 2

Seeking a place to store their eggs, the Ravasect tunneled deep into the ground. But their digging uncovered an ancient secret: vats of wurndrom, the mysterious substance used by the dragons to create the Droag.

Den of the Devourer 3

The wurndrom was very appealing to the Ravasect, and their Queen consumed it in great quantities, mutating into an aggressive, monstrous creature. Now known as The Devourer, the Ravasect Queen lurks in wait for any adventurers foolish enough to enter her domain.

Den of the Devourer 4

On January 23rd, the Den of the Devourer will become a Fabled Dungeon, challenging the highest level heroes with tougher fights and updated rewards. If you’re up to the task, be one of the first to visit (or revisit) the Den of the Devourer for your chance at awesome new loot!