By: Erin Oakley

The days grow shorter, there’s an ominous chill in the air, and the veil between our world and the spirit world grows thin, allowing all manner of ghosts and ghouls to walk the land. Spooky treats await those who are brave enough to investigate the strange happenings across Norrath during the annual Nights of the Dead celebration, happening October 15 - November 11, 2013.

Ghost Hunt: Compete against your fellow adventurers in a race across the Commonlands and Antonica to capture ghosts and earn rewards!

Creepy Candy: Undead and creepy crawly mobs across Norrath will drop Nights of the Dead Treats, which can be used in crafting recipes or sold for coin. (You’re not really going to eat that, are you?)

Holiday Quests: Your favorite quests from years past have returned; many with new rewards!

  • The Haunted House: Venture into the Haunted House in Qeynos and Freeport and discover what happened to the previous owners… before it happens to you!
  • The Headless Horseman: Ghostly hoofbeats echo under the dark trees of Nektulous Forest. Rumor has it that the Horseman has grown even more powerful this year, and the rewards for those who defeat him are truly Epic.
  • McQuibble’s Farm: Investigate the strange happenings in Antonica and help save Ponchy Shorttoe’s pumpkin pies!
  • The Haunted Mansion: A routine delivery turns into a gruesome surprise as you explore the mysterious mansion in Loping Plains.
  • Hedge Hollow: Brave the hedge maze in Nektulous Forest to learn the truth about a mysterious illness. For a sneak peek, check out PlayerDirect contributors ThePCGamingVortex playthrough video.

New Achievements: Adventurers can earn the “Closet Full of Skeletons”, “Tricky Treats”, “Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire”, and “Nights of the Dead Devotee” achievements… can you discover them all?

Marketplace Items: Special Nights of the Dead Marketplace items (including Player Direct items from your fellow Norrathians!) will be available for a limited time, so grab them before they disappear!

The spirits only wander Norrath for a short time, so be sure you log in and join the Nights of the Dead festivities while you can!