The US EverQuest 2 Servers will come down on Tuesday, June 4, at 7:00 am Pacific Time* for an update. The expected downtime is one hour. The EU EQ2 Servers will come down on Tuesday, June 4, at 9:00 pm Pacific Time*, and the expected downtime is two hours.

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Cobalt Scar
Aerial collections in Cobalt Scar should no longer spawn in unreachable locations.
Salton the Undying in Cave of Anguish will no longer wake and attack if player is on the tradeskill quest, "Hope Reborn" where the item, "Othmir Scouting Potion" is applied to the player's character.

The Court of Al'Afaz
Evac will now take you to the start of the instance instead of zoning you to Pillars of Flame.

Lesser Faydark
Grand Master, Lu Sun will no longer meditate beneath the rock once you have returned to complete the quest given by him.

Cipius Abito the Provisioner will no longer check to see if you are on one of the good factions for some of the items that he sells you.

The Brace of Corporeal Darklight will no longer proc in pvp combat.
The Freeblood mount spell Cloud of Bats is now a proper mount, accessed from the Mounts window. Additionally, the prerequisite quest is no longer required to access the flying mount. Flying is still limited to characters level 85 and higher.
The Dagger of the Blind will now show its proper appearance.
Ethereal Robes of the Silver Reaper now procs the 10% flurry on the wearer properly.

Distraction and Destruction - Regaining the quest after blowing up barrels will no longer require players to wait before being able to blow up the barrels again.
Potent Potables is now optional in the Cobalt Scar quest line. Should you choose to skip it, you will not be able to complete it again, however a repeatable version of the quest will become available from an othmir medic found near Salt Breeze Camp.