What are Heroic Characters?

Heroic characters are an exciting new feature for EverQuest II that will allow returning players quicker access to high level areas and existing players the ability to try out different classes or avoid content they’ve completed many times. Players may select any class to begin at level 85 with a full complement of gear, food, drink, and ammo to get you started.

What are my options for Heroic Characters?


“Try Before You Buy” characters start at Level 85 with a flying Pegasus mount, Level 85 armor, food, drink, ammo and a few potions. Beginning in Iceclad in Velious,there is a new quest which gives an update on the world storyline and prepares the hero for adventures ahead. To support this, EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious expansion content will be included free for all players when Heroic Characters launch.

These Characters start with 100 AAs already assigned using a Solo Character Advancement template. Also, each class will have many of its iconic buffs pre-cast upon arriving in Velious. Easy- peasy, lemon-squeezy.

There are a few restrictions however. After a full level of Try Before You Buy, these characters will stop earning combat experience when they reach level 86. Once they are logged off after reaching level 86, they are locked and can’t be logged in again unless they are upgraded to a full Heroic Character at the Character Select screen.

Some restrictions for the Try Before You Buy characters are in place to prevent issues for the community at large. These characters can’t trade, use shared banks, mentor, duel bet, send or receive attachments in emails, and a few other things, like combat experience being set at 100%. We are still defining some of those finer details to maintain a fun experience for everyone.


If you already know the class you want to play and want to bypass the Try Before you Buy option, you can acquire a Heroic Characterand start at Level 85 with 280AAs assigned through a Solo Character Advancement Template, the Pegasus flying mount, armor, food, drink, and potions, and start in Iceclad in Velious. Full Heroic Characters are not limited by level provided you have the expansions required to reach maximum level.


Existing characters can upgrade to a Heroic Character instantly no matter what their level or AA points and be set to Level 85 and 280AAs (unless the character is already above those). All upgraded characters will receive the mount, armor, food, drink, and potions in their inventory.

Can I upgrade an existing character? 

You can absolutely upgrade an existing character.  Once you’ve done so you’ll be granted level 85 and your AA’s will be raised to 280 not to mention receive handy items to help you along.

What equipment comes with the Heroic Character?

A lot more than a wooden training sword!  Your level 85 character will be ready to go with the following:

  • A set of Level 85 weapons
  • Level 85 jewelry
  • Level 85 armor
  • 20 Food and Drink
  • Ammunition for Fighter and Scout Ranged Weapons
  • 6 24-slot bags
  • Variety of Potions
  • A Pegasus Mount
  • Renaming potion for your character (Upgraded or Purchased Heroic Characters only), just in case!

 How long can I play my Try Before You Buy character?

Your character can be played as much as you want until level 86 at which point it will become “locked” until the Heroic Character purchase is made.  If you decide you don’t like the class, you can always start up a trial with a new class until you find one that fits your play style!

Are there limitations on AA’s?

With a “Try Before” you Buy Heroic Character your will have access immediately to 100 AA’s already assigned using the Solo Character Advancement template. 

Once you purchase or upgrade an existing character to a Heroic character, you will have 280 AA available and the ability to earn a maximum of 320 AA. 

How much do Heroic Characters cost?

You have the option to create a “Try Before you Buy” character at no cost.  Creating a Heroic Character without any level or AA restrictions or upgrading an existing character is available for 3500 SC.

I have received a free Heroic Character as a new or existing customer.  How does that work? 

Players with a free Heroic Character will see all options to create or upgrade a full Heroic Character flagged with “free” text in the Character Select screen. 

Do I get the same items when I upgrade as I would if I made a new Heroic Character?

When you upgrade an existing character to a Heroic Character you will receive all gear, abilities, and the flying mount.

Where can I access the Heroic Characters?

Access to the “Try Before You Buy” and full Heroic Characters can be found on the Character Select screen.  There are new “Create Level 1” and “Create Level 85 Heroic” buttons available which will allow you to create your choice of character.  You may also access the upgrade option for your existing character in the Select Character list or through buying a Heroic Character upgrade item from the Marketplace.

Why are you adding Heroic Characters to the game anyway? 

In response to both former and current player feedback, we wanted to provide an opportunity for players to return to EQII without worrying about an overwhelming level gap.  We’ve also been asked by all kinds of players for a way to try out high-level classes before committing valuable time to leveling one. 

Ultimately we want a fun and easy option for everyone to play or experiment with our various classes and have immediate access to high-level content. 

When will Heroic Characters be Available for Purchase?

You will be able to purchase a Heroic Character beginning October 1st.

Won’t a new or returning player be overwhelmed at 85?

This is certainly not our goal!  To counter this potential issue, we’ve added “Heroic Hotbars” which will help returning players adjust to the number of combat arts/spells.  It will start with one hotbar of core abilities and add more to help progress players into everything their class has to offer.

I know how to play EverQuest II Already.  Do I have to use these Heroic Hotbars?

No you do not!  You can disable the hotbars whenever you want and go into our standard UI by modifying the UI and confirming that you are ready to switch.

Will I be able to play the Channeler as a Heroic Character when Tears of Veeshan launches? 

The Channeler will not be available as a Heroic Character when the expansion launches but will be made available at a later date.

How many Heroic Characters can I have?  

You are not limited on how many Heroic Characters you can own on your account!