Norrath is a massive world, spanning time, space, and a Community Team! As the EverQuest franchise continues to develop in new and exciting directions, you will have a chance to get to know two Community Managers across all of Norrath in EverQuest, EverQuest II, Legends of Norrath, and whatever comes “Next.” We may be familiar to some of you, or this may be the first time you’re meeting us, so we’re going to take a minute to (re)introduce ourselves.

amnerys and dexella

Amnerys and Dexella at SOE Live 2012

Colette “Dexella” Murphy has been the EverQuest II Community Manager since mid-2012, though she’d been a resident of Kelethin for years prior. You may have heard her read news on the old podcasts, seen her dressed as a hamster at SOE Live, or submitted a screenshot to one of her challenges on the forums. You’ll see her wandering through Norrath as a Wood Elf (probably looking for a crafting station).

Tiffany “Amnerys” Spence began her Norrathian journey in 1999. From humble beginnings in Felwithe, to a new adventure born in Longshadow Alley, she has roamed, crafted, quested and battled in both EverQuest and EverQuest II. She joined SOE in 2006, transitioned to the Community Team in 2008, and has been seen in most of our games' communities in the time since.

As “Team Norrath,” you’ll be seeing both of us in game, on the forums, and on social media sites (you can follow us both on Twitter - @DexellaCM and @Amnerys). We’re sharing our responsibilities, so please come to both of us with your comments, ideas, questions, and more. (And don’t try to play one Community Manager against the other – we share a cubicle!)

dexella and amnerys

Dexella and Amnerys in an SOE staff photo

We’re very excited to be working together, and working with all of you. See you in Norrath!

--Dexella and Amnerys