Ethereal weapons are dropping in-game now! These are unique level 100 items with powerful proc effects that are available as drops over the summer months.

Ethereal Weapons 2

Ethereals can be found as rare drops in the Altar of Malice and Rum Cellar Heroic dungeons off of the end bosses. Don’t worry if you don’t see the drop you’re looking for; these are Attuneable so players can trade (and sell/buy) Ethereal weapons between each other!

Different Weapons Each Wave

There will be fourteen new level 100 Ethereal weapons this summer! The first four are available now, and the weapons that can drop will change each month! Once a new wave starts, the previous Ethereal weapons will stop dropping.

  • Thursday, July 2* – Wave 2 starts, Five New Ethereal Weapons
  • Tuesday, August 4* – Wave 3 starts, Five New Ethereal Weapons


*note dates are subject to change

Ethereal Weapon 1

We’d like to keep most of these a surprise until they start dropping in-game (although we had a preview of a few of them during this stream). Which Ethereal weapons have you seen in June, and which weapon archetype do you hope drops for you?