Our annual Summer Jubilee is here, just in time for the Tinkerfest kick off on June 6, 2024! With the launch of the summer-long event, there are some new features you can look forward to. Check out what’s new, and what’s returning below!

Event Features for '24! 

  • Special Rules Servers:
    • Varsoon, Zarrakon, and Kael Drakkel servers - Start earning Gold Jubilation Medals during Tinkerfest and continue earning them through Scorched Sky Celebration and Oceansfull Festival and enjoy the challenges of the Triad of Elements!
  • Live Servers:
    • Some City Festival quests will now also award Jubilee Medals while the event is active. 
    • Jubilation merchants can be found in each of the player cities exchanging event exclusive armor, house items, recipes, instruments, and equipment for Gold Jubilation Medals.
      • 18 NEW items added to their available inventory, including a new pet, mount, and building block set!
      • If you happen to still have some Silver or Copper Jubilation Medals you can exchange them for Gold Jubilation Medals, for a fee, at the Jubilation merchant.
    • Gold Jubilation Medals are heirloom and can be gained by completing most Tinkerfest and Scorched Sky Celebration, and Oceansfull Festival repeatable content.
    • Loose Screw – NEW drop quest available in Triad of Elements [Solo].
    • Achievements
      • A Jubilee Spectacularly II – NEW achievement to earn the NEW 2024 Plumes and Plume recipes!
      • A Jubilee for You and Me II – NEW achievement to earn the NEW 2024 Plumes and Plume recipes!
    • Triad of Elements [Solo] - The mysterious portal returns at the Dropship Landing Zone in Moors of Ykesha
      • Now scales with level 130 adventurers!
      • NEW level 128+ items now available! 
      • Dungeon is only active during the times of other Summer events (Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky, Oceansfull Festival)
    • Solo scaling end zone bosses have the chance to drop 5 Gold Jubilation Medals as loot.
      • Innovation: Tinkerer's Trial
      • Doomfire: Ro's Sweatshop
      • Awuidor: Trench of Terrors
    • Level 120+ Daily Mission for each event dungeon end boss (can be updated in either solo or heroic) 

 NEW Plumes to be earned and Plume recipes to be unlocked! Read all about Plumes HERE!

Stats on Plumes will vary based on your character's level. 

NEW delightful house items and armor appearances available from the Jubilee Merchants for '24!

Merchants can be found in each of the player cities to exchange event exclusive items for Silver Jubilation Medals.

  • The City of Freeport
  • Qeynos Capitol District
  • Timorous Deep
  • Greater Faydark
  • Neriak
  • Frostfang Sea 

Stay tuned for more information on Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky Celebration, and Oceansfull Festival. Wait until you see what those events will have to offer! Let the party begin!  

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