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Rise of Kunark Has Unlocked on Fallen Gate!


Rise of Kunark expansion content unlocked on Fallen Gate on Thursday, May 31, 2018!

Fallen Gate's fourth expansion raises the level cap to 80, increases the AA cap, brings the Sarnak race to Norrath, and unlocks a slew of additional content!

Rise of Kunark Expansion

Plus, since the Rise of Kunark expansion coincides with the start of summer, we’ve decided to add a little something extra for our Fallen Gate adventures. Hunter K’Andal, a representative of the Bounty Hunters Union, has shown up on the Danak Docks, and will offer a daily mission to earn some new items!

Hunter's Guild

For more information on the Fallen Gate Time-Locked Expansion Server, be sure to read our Fallen Gate FAQ.

Adventurers, are you ready for the Rise of Kunark?

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