As the Rise of Kunark continues, two new heroic zones and a raid zone are now unlocked on the Fallen Gate Server!

If you're looking to join up with a group, you can take on a fresh challenge with one of the two newly unlocked heroic zones - discover the ancient iksar city in Veksar the Invasion or investigate the dealings of the Goblins in Runnyeye: The Gathering.

If you think you'd prefer to raid, the Shard of Hate will also be open to those who are brave enough to face it (so you may want to take a moment to reconsider your confidence before just barging in).

Rise of Kunark

The Fallen Gate Time-Locked Expansion (TLE) server offers a unique EverQuest 2 experience different from traditional servers. If you're unfamiliar with TLE servers, you can get more information about what Fallen Gate has to offer here!

Think you're ready, adventurers? The time of the Shadow Odyssey is fast approaching, but there is more to do first.