We're proud to present to you the newest way to play EverQuest II: Kael Drakkel, the Lore and Legend Server. This new special server ruleset allows you to play the first seven expansions of EverQuest II without ever worrying about if you have the right levels or gear for the adventure you want to take on.

We've heard over the years that sometimes when you or your friends take a break it's difficult to catch up and play with your friends. We've also heard that sometimes you want to experience older content without it being trivial, want to put together a casual raid with friends and not have to worry about leaving behind lower-level friends, or you just want to craft or decorate without worrying that you might be too "squishy" for where your quest for recipes takes you. We hear you loud and clear, this is why we've created this brand-new way to play.

On Kael Drakkel you will start at level 90 with a full set of level 90 gear. As you adventure through the lands, you will be auto-mentored down to levels appropriate for the zone that you are in, making content you normally would have been out-leveled relevant once again. Special loot drops along the way will allow you to upgrade your base gear as you progress. With over 1,800 achievements you can truly explore the game's rich lore like never before. A special leaderboard will allow you to see how your achievements progress stacks up with others on the server. You will also be able to see the percentage of players on the server who have completed each achievement.

Kael Drakkel is an opportunity to get involved in EverQuest II and experience the lore and the stories without worrying too much about whether you have the right gear. It's an opportunity to explore Norrath at your pace with the community and enjoy its rich and plentiful content. Want to do a Heritage quest? You can easily gather a group of any players because everyone is ready to go for whatever level tier is necessary—you can bring along anyone you choose.

Do you care about items and gear? Well, there is plenty to go around. Being level 90 already, there will be lots of loot and upgrades for you, even from lower-level content. Not to mention some amazing new armor and weapon appearances made exclusively for the Kael Drakkel server. Just for this exciting journey, the Dragons of Rime appearance set will be available to be earned via achievements and adventuring.

On February 22, 2022, we'll open up the lands of Kael Drakkel where you can start your new adventures. What will you plan on doing first?