We are super excited to launch significant changes to Kael Drakkel. When we launched the server, we envisioned creating an environment where players of all types could jump in, explore and adventure in Norrath, and enjoy EverQuest II either solo or in a group without all the efforts it takes to get to end-game content compared to Live and TLE servers. And now we are turning the benefits and advantages up to 11!

Starting today, Kael Drakkel will now have the following:

  • From now until April 25, 2023:
    • Anyone can play on Kael Drakkel. No subscription required until April 26!
    • New Jumpa-Lope pet just by logging into Kael Drakkel!
  • Permanent changes to the server:
    • New server-wide buff for all characters. A permanent buff that will strengthen and instantly cures curses for your characters so you can take on more content.
    • Awesome new exclusive Green Adornment that can be earned by completing daily missions and then taken back to TLE and Live servers. Once earned on Kael Drakkel, you can then purchase it for your other characters on other servers.
    • Earn Kael Drakkel armor appearances that will be usable on all characters on all servers.
    • Earn new housing items that will be usable on all other servers.

We want Kael Drakkel to be your home away from home, especially when you just want to enjoy the game without all the pressure and extra time required. Think of Kael Drakkel as “plug and play”—get in and have immediate fun. Whether you make the server your home or a place to go when you just want some quick entertainment, all are welcome! For more information about Kael Drakkel, check out the announcement article here, and the launch article here.


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