A herd of new Familiars have found themselves in Norrath! Familiar Season 5 is here with more Familiars for you to collect, from Common all the way to Ultra Rare!

Season 5 Familiars

Familiars are pets that can aid you in your adventures by providing powerful buffs. As always, some of the Familiars from the new season will be dropped in-game, and others will be available for purchase in the Marketplace. And as always, all Rare and Ultra Rare Familiars are worth status no matter how you obtain them!

And be sure to keep a lookout for the new Ultra Rare familiars - Kira Flamewielder, Rotwing Goretyrant, Ra-Sekjet the Reborn, and Qharon, the Nullifier. 

Which new Familiar are you planning on bringing into your pack of fearsome friends?