Luclinites are determined to reclaim the ancient city deep in the heart of the moon, Fordel Midst, often referred to as Shadow Haven. It's a big undertaking and although they cannot yet use the Combine Spires to come to Norrath, there's nothing stopping us from helping them! Join G.L.E.E.S.H. (Guild of Luclin Enthusiasts and Experts Supplying Help) at Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains, as they work tirelessly to provide the Luclinites with much needed physical and magical materials necessary for the reopening of the city. They're offering an extensive list of items in exchange for your assistance. There's something everyone can do, no matter how experienced!


But what does all that mean for you brave adventures, crafters, and explorers of Norrath? There's 5 new repeatable tradeskill quests, a new adventure quest, 5 new repeatable Overseer quests, and an event merchant featuring 23 new items, including two mounts! So much to do in the coming weeks!


Dafina Hujara <G.L.E.E.S.H. Retailer> will exchange the following items for G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark

  • Barded Praesertum Pegasus
  • Seru Knight Thoroughbred 
  • Earthcrafter Smithing Hammer 
  • Bowl of Shade Spice 
  • Recuso Tor Hitching Post
  • Recuso Tor Water Trough
  • Wracklands Rock Wall Divider
  • Roughspun Leanto 
  • Traveling Merchant Cart
  • Pile of Chopped Wood
  • Dawnshroud Pine Corner Work Table
  • New Combine Grain Sack
  • Seru Arx Pectoris Rug 
  • Broken Dawnshroud Pine Crate
  • Destroyed Dawnshroud Pine Crate
  • Bazaar Rug of Profit 
  • Bazaar Rug of Acquisition 
  • Unlit Shissar Offering Brazier 
  • Unlit Shissar Ritual Brazier
  • Reishi Grazer Plushie 
  • Shissar Soulstalker Plushie
  • Burning Shadow Spark
  • Petamorph Wand: Aurelian Rockhopper

The Prelude will begin when the update is complete and run until we launch the next expansion! Of which you'll hear more about soon! Enjoy your time on the Moon of Luclin and good luck on your efforts to rebuild Shadow Haven!