With hearts aflutter and romance in the air, Erollisi Day has returned!

From 12:01AM PT on Thursday, February 6, 2020 through 11:59PM PT on Tuesday, February 19, 2020, you can experience the wonderful whims and romance of Erollisi Day! With a new quest, new achievement, new collection and so much more, there's plenty to celebrate – because there is never a better time to find love in Norrath. 

There are many ways to join in on this light-hearted holiday! Lovers should be sure to adventure together on Luclin, searching on the nooks and crannies of the moon. Celebrations of love and passion will also take place in Antonica, the Commonlands and New Halas.

And don't forget, love notes and message candies hold worth with tradeskillers, and lovely merchants can be found in Qeynos and Freeport.

In 2020 Erollisi Day celebrations will also have some new gifts to share with you all and those you love:

New Quest Rewards:

  • Love Will Lead You Back
      • Dapper Darling Baby Dragon Clothwork
      • Hart’s Desire Antlers 
      • Crimson Hart Antlers 

A Dearly Departed


New Achievement: 

  • Over the Moon

Head to Blood of Luclin zones to collect Erollisi Day love loot and experience the chaos of love.


New Holiday Overseer Questline for 2020!

Say hello to Sister Marinah Highgleam 

Thralg's Bejeweled Cutlass
Get Thralg a jewel encrusted cutlass from a siren’s treasure hoard in Cobalt Scar. It won’t be easy though, as the Darkwater sirens are well-known for their beguiling songs!

Thralg's Mad Grobb Grog
Get Thralg a barrel of Mad Grobb grog from a brew wench in the Moors of Ykeesha. She’ll sell you the Mad Grobb grog, but it’s going to take some flirting to convince her!

Thralg's Trained Monkey
Get Thralg a trained monkey from a nomad pet merchant in Sinking Sands. The Raj'Dur nomad merchant agrees to an exchange, if you procure him a blessed icon of Drinal from a Priest of the Silver Reaper in Somborn.

Thralg's Blessed Cologne
Get Thralg a bottle of blessed cologne from a Libertine of Tholuxe Paells. This is not a task for the bashful or chaste, mind you, as a Tholuxe Paells House is a place of passions and prayer.

Delivery of Thralg's Affection
Deliver the tokens of affection to Thralg, upon the Red Kraken, the Bilgebelly pirate ship, somewhere in the Ocean of Tears.


New Items and Craftables:

  • Steven the merchant has the new recipe scroll "Romantic Gifts to Craft XIII" for sale!
  • Douglas the merchant has 6 new Erollisi Day items for sale including a new mount!

Erollisi Day Items

and last but not least!

New mounts on the marketplace! oooooooh aaaaaaaahhhhh


TLE Servers:

  • Kaladim - Find Disciples of Love in Freeport and Qeynos Province District to obtain Erollisi Day themed house items and equipment.


And as always, the rest of your favorite Erollisi Day quests and activities have returned! You can read more information on EQ2i

We're sending love your way for an enchanting Erollisi Day!