Before we delve into the lore of this game update, we would like to remind everyone that all characters level 10 and over have access to Darkpaw Rising content, without the need to own the most recent expansion! Whether you’re a quester, tradeskiller, raider, or dungeon runner there is something for everyone in this latest Game Update!

The DirectX 11 API Port is also live as of today. Please be sure to check this article for all the information relating to DirectX. Please report bugs relating to DirectX HERE. Now, let’s jump right into the lore before telling you everything you can explore in this GU.

Just gnolling around in this cave...

A hypnotic gnoll shaman has roused the Sabertooth gnoll clan of Blackburrow into a crazed frenzy. Having come to the burrows from a neighboring land on a holy quest, they claim to have been presented an ancient tome of Chirannis by the spirit of Fippy. The stranger convinced the Sabertooth clan that their destiny lies in uniting with the Splitpaw clan!

Soon after the unification of the Karan gnoll clans under the Darkpaw banner, Qeynos begins to experience a collaborative and unrelenting wave of gnoll attacks! Gnolls can be found burrowing up from newly dug tunnels behind the walls of Qeynos now, and powerful heroes of all skills and talents are being recruited to deal with this, at its source – the Darkpaw dungeons. Within the Darkpaw dungeons our heroes find the presence of a third gnoll clan, the Underpaw gnolls.

Grab your gear, weapons, and like-minded adventurers and help to stop this newly formed gnoll coalition from taking over Qeynos. If you fail, who knows at what point they will stop! The future of Norrath is in your hands.

Darkpaw Rising Trailer

Here is what you can explore and discover in our latest Game Update:


  • 25 New Adventure Quests
  • 25 New Collections
  • Explore the All-New Dungeon Darkpaw Warrens with over 30+ bosses to experience (Not all at once, we aren’t crazy!)
  • Scaled Solo Darkpaw Warrens Dungeon from 10 to 130 - Including access and gear for Varsoon!
  • Scaled Heroic Darkpaw Warrens Dungeon from 10 to 130 - Including access and gear for Varsoon!
  • Level 130 Heroic 2 Dungeon
  • All New Raid - Vaashkaani, Alcazar of Zimara: Sovereign Summons
  • All New Tradeskill Dungeon for level 10+ crafters
  • New Tradeskill Daily Mission
  • New tradeskill merchant with many items, including a new weekly overseer mission.
  • The Shadow Odyssey comes to Season 06 of Overseer
  • Tons of New Achievements
  • The Final Quest in the Ballads of Zimara Heritage Quest Line - Of Duty and Fate

We're waiting on you...

Also, starting today and ending on April 16, 2024, at 7:00 a.m. PDT, we will have the following bonuses running:

  • Double Status for Live/TLE
  • Double currency for Live/TLE
  • Double XP for TLE

Note: The content in Darkpaw Rising is for all characters over level 10 on all servers, including TLE. You do not need to own the prior expansion for Darkpaw Rising! 

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