We hope you all had as much fun participating in our puzzle event as we had posting up lore and other fun mini puzzles! Congratulations to all the lore masters who participated, thank you for the fun! And a HUGE congrats to the top 3 winners on each platform, keep an eye peeled on your social media for info on how to get your prize code!

Now to discuss what you’ve all been wanting to know; Why an 80-day puzzle event? What’s the hype? Well, as you all know, Rick Schmitz (yes THAT Rick Schmitz) created the original EverQuest and EverQuest II maps we all know and love. Rick was kind enough to create these beautiful, newly re-drawn maps of EverQuest and EverQuest II. Want to get your hands on them? Well fret not, because we will have them available in our Swag Store starting NOW!

EverQuest Worldmap 2024

EverQuest II Worldmap 2024

Both maps are printed on OEKO-TEX 100 standard and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified fabric! Not only will you be getting some amazing map swag, but they are on recycled material too! What a responsible purchase! There is a plethora of great options on how you can display them too! Whether you hang them as-is, choose to frame them, or even tuck them away for safe-keeping, these cloth maps are a must-have for any EverQuest or EverQuest II fan.

Don’t delay, be the first in your guild or friend-group to get one, or both, of these great maps! This is one of those times you do not want to miss out! Head over the Darkpaw Games Storefront, these cool maps are available NOW!

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